How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

In this lesson you are going to learn more about one of the most popular ways to monetize a website which stands for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

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Hi, I am Felipe Kurpiel from and in this lesson I will explain Internet marketing for dummies, for the people who are starting out and want to learn how to do Internet marketing. I’ve been doing it for quite a number of years and making passive income doing internet affiliate marketing. I will explain the basic steps on how to get started absolutely free, nothing to buy here, I’m just going to give you free advice to help you out to get underway with affiliate marketing.

If you want more tutorials and coaching you can join my list and you'll see all the information you need. For now, let’s go into this lesson where I’m want to talk about the foundations of getting started with affiliate marketing. So these are the core steps that you want to get right:

  • Choosing a niche
  • Choosing keywords
  • Building a simple site
  • Driving traffic

That's really the basics of Internet marketing in a nutshell. These are the core fundamentals you need to understand, obviously there is a lot of detail in each one of these sections and the better you get at these, the more money you make with affiliate marketing.

Choosing a Niche

Now let’s have a quick look into how you choose a niche market!

One of the easiest places to go to is Clickbank which is an online and affiliate marketing directory if you like; they have a whole range of products you can be an affiliate for.

All you need to do is go to their marketplace tab at the top and there you will find a whole lot of products that are waiting for you to promote as an affiliate. When you look at the side you will see all the categories.

My advice for you is the best niche markets are:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Happiness

Health, wealth and relationships really is what I'm mean.

Anything related to a health problem, this type of product converts really well; anything is wealth related like helping people make more money will work, whether it's learning affiliate marketing or e-commerce - they sell really well; and anything relationship wise, that's usually found in the self-help category – it’s like how to meet a girl, how to meet a guy, how to date. People need to know advice on this stuff when they don’t know how to do it.

So those are the niche markets that are the best to start it.

So keep it simple for yourself, take what I'm telling you from experience that those are the niche markets to aim for. So go into the categories, look for some products that appeal to you, then you found yourself a niche market.

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Choosing Keywords

The next thing you need to do is choose keywords.

When you build a website and you don’t have to build a very large website, it can be 10 pages. It’s not much content, it could have 10 pages of content including your home page.

What you need to understand is every individual page on your website has its own potential to rank in Google. The homepage is not your only page that shows up in Google. If you go to Google and type in any particular keyword phrase like “lose weight” you'll notice that, I bet you, not only homepages are ranking.

In this search you will find a lot of deep pages with good rankings and if you go further down you will see more and more results that are not homepages. My point is that every individual page on your website can rank in the search engines so what you want to do is create content on a range of different topics.

For instance, if I was in the weight-loss industry I’ll go to find my keywords.

To do that I’ll go to the Google keyword tool which is just a free tool Google puts online and the only thing you need to do to find this is type in “Google keyword tool” and just before I continue I highly recommend you head over to this page where often I'll give you free coaching in this topic. Now back to keywords!

So what you want to do is set the location that you want to get you traffic from in the Google keyword tool. You will see that you can set location to United States or other countries.

Let’s stick to United States.

So if I was going into the weight-loss. Actually I don't recommend you to go after keywords like weight-loss because it’s way too competitive.

You can then set the Google keyword tool to exact match. On the left you can see there are different match types and if you don't understand match types just do a little of research in Google and find out what match types mean. But let's stick with exact match.

So if I’m building an affiliate website around weight-loss, I am not going to try to rank in Google for the phrase “weight loss” and I am talking about getting traffic from search engine optimization. But you want to try and write content around keyword phrases that are three or more.

So don’t go after two keyword phrases if you are new to affiliate marketing because it’s far too difficult.

You might write an article about … I would say “weight-loss supplements” but it’s still too difficult. I would say things like “diets for quick weight loss” it’s still probably a little bit difficult.

If you are knew go for keyword phrases that are quite long. Go for a lot of different key words in the phrase like “weight-loss tips for women”.  You might do it a weight-loss website for women. You don’t want to go after just the general weight loss - it’s too competitive; it is too big of an industry. You want to niche it right down.  So you might go for things like “weight-loss tips for post-pregnancy” or something like that, you just want to find a little niche market inside a larger niche and once you found something like that…  let’s go and type back in here… I would go back in there and I would go and niche it right down typing “post pregnancy weight loss”.

And then I would try to build a little affiliate site in a small part of a big niche and that's what you first wanted to do. Find the smaller part of a big and then you want to find 5 to 10 keywords that you could write different articles on that niche.

So you might have “post pregnancy weight loss” being a homepage article, you might then have a how to lose weight pregnancy weight, post-pregnancy weight loss plan, and anything with pregnancy. We can go out there and put a filter on it and include anything with just the word pregnancy and then Google keyword tool will filter out the words with just pregnancy in them.

So basically then I go through just find a half of dozen 5 to 10 different keyword phrases that talk about weight-loss tips for women. You don’t want them to be all identical. You might have some tips, diet, you might have exercises, but find about 10 different phrases that you can write an 800 word article about and that's really what you want to be starting.

Once you got ideas for writing articles for the web pages you then will do what's called search engine optimization and get all those web pages on your website to the top of Google. I don’t have time in this short lesson to go into details of all this but in my site you can opt in and I'll take you through exactly how to do that.

Building a Simple Site

Once you chosen keywords the next thing you need to do is buy a domain name. You can go to and you can just go something like “post pregnancy weight loss blog” you might have a blog and you got a domain that has something related to the keyword in there. This only costs $10 a year, it’s not expensive and you can see that “post pregnancy weight loss blog”.

So you might have a blog where it's about post pregnancy weight loss. You got lots of different content all about how to lose weight if you had a baby and then obviously you will have links inside your content and when people read your content you have affiliate links that link to a product that you found over at clickbank and then if they buy the product once they clicked your link you get paid.

In order to do that you need a website and a website it's pretty easy to get online these days.

You need hosting to get started so the first thing you do is get hosting from hostgator. And all you need to do is go and choose your web hosting plans and the best option is the baby plan here at $6.36 month.

You need hosting and you need a domain, once you got these two things then all you need is a website and the best way to do that is to use WordPress.

WordPress is a platform that you can install very easily and there are lots of videos on how to do it and then you can have yourself a free WordPress theme which you can find by just typing in WordPress templates into Google and click on the link that says WordPress themes and there are a whole lot of free basically templates of websites that you can use.

You might just want to grab one that gets your attention, they are all free and you can see a preview if you click on the preview. And then you install your theme.

You got your hosting, you got your domain, you install your theme and then the only thing you need to do is write your articles. And you got yourself a blog.

Driving Traffic

Once you got your hosting you can get your theme for free and then you just do SEO and you'll find that all the posts that you write start to show up in Google. People arrive on it, click your affiliate links and you get paid.

That is affiliate marketing for dummies and if you want more information please, head over to this page where you can opt in and get more details.

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In the last lesson we talked very briefly about affiliate marketing and also why I think you should start with this model to make money online. Now, I will go a little further and start to explain some technicalities related to this very profitable way of online marketing.

In case you are just starting to deal with online marketing this lesson is some sort of affiliate marketing for beginners lesson which means you will comprehend the basics to get started and most important, I will share with you some simple and effective tactics so you can take action immediately even if you don’t have a website.

This lesson intends to give you the gist of this type of digital marketing which by the way, it is one of my favorite types of money making solutions.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

The game is really simple! You will make money as an affiliate every time you refer sales or leads using your unique affiliate link related to the merchant you choose.

In regards to this type of online marketing there are two main elements every affiliate marketer should know and those are click-through rate and conversion rate.

  • Click-through rate measures how many visitors are clicking your affiliate link.
  • Conversion rate is what indicates how many people are actually buying the product you are promoting after clicking your affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Getting Started

The first thing you must do in order to promote products as an affiliate is to research for affiliate programs.

  • For physical products we can earn about 3 to 30%
  • For digital products anything from 25% to 90%.

On my example I chose to promote a physical product, a remedy/medicine.

Commissions are really important, but at an early stage don’t worry about values so much, it is much more important to pay close attention at conversions. Hence when doing your research, always analyze the offer you are considering to promote and think as a costumer!

When you land on a sale page and you end up in the mood of buying the product…well, this is a good sign.

For completely newcomers, I recommend starting with Amazon for physical products and Clickbank for digital.

My expertise is on making money selling Clickbank products and we are going to talk a lot more about that later on!

Choosing the right products to promote is a vital step to succeed on this model that is why I asked you to go visit some forums before start promoting a particular product.

After researching, you have to join the affiliate program!

Joining the Affiliate Network

In most cases you just have to scroll down the sale page and look for “affiliates” at the bottom then click the link and fill out the form in order to get started. That is it!

Sometimes this option is not available then you have to head over to Google and type your product name plus affiliate program.

Let’s take a look at the product I picked.

  • I checked the website on Flippa and found the product name FENVIR.
  • Then I type “fenvir affiliate program” on Google.
  • The first result showed me exactly what I was looking for.

Once I join their affiliate program I will have access to all the tools provided by the merchant such as banners, swipe emails, maybe videos, and most important a unique affiliate link.

After that, every time a visitor clicks the link and makes a purchase we are ready to earn commissions.


First Thoughts about Promotion

In this lesson, I promised to teach you how to promote your affiliate link even if you don’t have a website. This is really cool because you can apply these techniques right after reading this material without spending any money.

After getting access to our unique link, our goal is to spread the affiliate link out there nevertheless you still should consider only legit techniques – don’t be a spammer!

Easy Steps to Promote your Affiliate Link without a Website!

  • First option is via commenting on blogs and forums related to the niche you are involved.

This is going to be part of our link building process and we will dive in when the time comes but for now, this strategy is just a way to get involved with the community.

In case you are not familiarized with the niche, do some research previously! You can use Wikipedia to get some background. This is important because as you probably already know, no one will listen to you if you don’t have anything to say.

The only way to get someone else’s attention is by adding value to the conversation.

I hope you also have realized by now why on one of the first steps of this training I talked about joining some active blogging communities like Tribber.

  • Second Option Is To Write A Tutorial

After acquiring some background you could put this knowledge into words and write a small document with 2 to 5 pages and add you affiliate link on the document then give it away for free.

There are several ways to spread your document through the web. You can find prospects on Facebook groups or something even better; you can upload your PDF into PDF directories such as, or


This PDF directory method is also something we will cover in more details when we start talking about SEO. Actually, this is a really effective way to drive visitors from Google to your site using a technique called buffer or sister sites.

  • Third Option: Web 2.0 - HubPages

The third tactic of this session is about building a HubPage to promote your affiliate link which can be incredibly valuable for SEO purpose.

HubPages is a platform where you can build a one page website from scratch.


In order to create a good HubPage you should spend some time and add pictures, videos and most important, unique content.

If you copy and paste some text from somewhere else on the net your content will not be approved for HubPages. They are completely spam proof.

This is also one type of Web 2.0 sites we are going to use on our SEO strategy. And we are doing this at this stage because it’s important to get the gist of building a site and trying to generate traffic to it.

Action Steps

  • Revisit some tribes on Tribber and leave comments on other people’s posts. We are starting to build some engagement with active bloggers preparing them to share our content.
  • Join the affiliate program related to the product you selected. Clickbank is the easier option however there are tons of different affiliate networks at your disposal, doesn’t matter the niche you are involved.
  • In case you need some background, read more about your topic on Wikipedia then outline a tutorial explaining what was interesting about what you just learned.
  • Prepare some images to be added to your article and then choose between creating a PDF document or a HubPage. If you are in a hurry go with PDF but if you can spend some extra time then dedicate it to build a great page on HubPages.
  • Once again, use your own words and be sure to help readers by providing quality content because this is one of the major factors when it comes to Google rankings; we will discuss this in details on other lessons.

Dead Line: You can spend 2 days to accomplish all these small tasks - on the first day you can leave comments, interact with other bloggers and join the affiliate network related to the chosen product. The second day you can create a great HubPage and use the same content to publish a PDF document.

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