You Can Increase Blog Traffic in 3 Simple Steps

Blogging is something really amazing simply because writing and publishing are some of the most effective methods of communicating and making ourselves recognized to a larger public which can virtually be the entire world. Blogging is nothing more than picking a topic and start writing about that topic, however if you want to increase blog traffic you need to know some basics about optimization, specifically if you desire to have a boost in visibility in order to convert that newcomer into a loyal reader.

As you can see, below there is a video explaining three tips and suggestions on how to increase blog traffic, however on this post I decided to include 3 additional tips to help you to get even more traffic to your blog.

Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

1. Make your site SEO friendly: You can start by categorizing your articles and then,  try to make use of really popular keywords as your titles. This is a really important step, because every new post you’ll create from now on will have an SEO friendly title, and hence an optimized URL as a category.

2. Focus on world-class content: This is common sense among all blogosphere. If the quality of your writing is not excellent and the topic you are covering is not important and beneficial to the reader, you will have a lot of problems in proving to search engines that you deserve some ranking.


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3. Socialize on other blogs: When you are visiting other blog sites and leaving some comments you can build some great relationships with other blog writers besides, you are building high quality backlinks pointing to your website. And when doing this, keep in mind that you can always make use of the Trackback feature, because that can absolutely have a positive impact on your blog. What is Track back? It’s a special sort of link that informs who is including a link that directs to your website.

Whatever you are doing to increase blog traffic, just remember the benefits of using the right keywords and creating world-class content to improve your SEO! Today these factors are extremely relevant when it comes to having your site ranking on Google. Try to be innovative and imaginative and you will in all probability have the ability to get what you are expecting.

That is it for today folks… don’t forget to watch the video and leave a comment below with your views. Thanks everybody.

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  1. says

    Nice post. It is important to get the basics down first in order to have a solid foundation. If you don’t have great content that is optimized for search engines, then anything else you do wont stick.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Hey Carlie… you are right! We have to optimize our content for search engines but the most highest priority have to be the quality of the content we are publishing! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Audrin says

    I never consider as a normal blog that have no great content. It is actually the root of blog. Most of the time, I get quite number of traffic by blog commenting as well as social media marketing.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      You are right my friend! It’s good to see that you are on the fast track to succeed online, but not so many people bother to spend time on creating good content, that is the reason why lazy people have a hard time to get good results.
      Thanks for visiting!

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      You’re welcome my friend!
      Those tips are really simple and effective. Try to implement them and after that share your results here.
      Thanks for visiting!