How to Increase Page Rank – How I Achieved PR 4 in Less than 30 days!

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Before we start to discuss how to increase page rank, we have to ask ourselves why do we need a higher PR? PageRank is just one of the hundreds of factors used by Google to rank pages in their search results. PR is not the most important factor though.

When you have a high page rank some things can become easier in terms of rankings, but this is only going to work if you know what you are doing in terms of keyword research, on-page optimization and link building strategies. how to increase page rank Having a high page rank helps but it is not a factor that you have to worry about that much! However if you want to know how to increase page rank on Google, let me show how to do it. First, take a look at this table: Page Rank table As you can see, if you don’t plan your strategy you will need tons of weak links pointing to your site to achieve a website with PageRank 5 for instance. When it comes to how to improve Google page rank you need to pick a good strategy and in case you need support, just download my quick start guide on improving your web promotion.

Analyzing the case of a PR5 as a goal!

In this case, you will need 555 backings from PR3 websites or 101 links from PR4 sites or 18 backlinks from PR5 or 3 backlinks from websites with PageRank 6. You can achieve Page Rank 5 but you have to focus on getting high quality backlinks.

But I will leave this part for the end of the post. Now you could see how to increase page rank and how difficult it is to achieve a high PR, however there are some tools you can use to help you identify where those high quality backlinks are.

This is just a small part of the process, but don’t worry because the video below will show you a lot more!

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Finding Link Opportunities


The best tool to identify the PR of any website is SEO quake.seo handwritten Once you install it you have to use some Google operators to help you find out link opportunities. You don’t want to build over 500 links if you can aim for 18 or even 3, right?

By using the right operators when searching on Google and by using SEO Quake to identify PRs you can discover a lot of valuable results when looking for high quality backlinks. And that is all you need to know about how to increase Page Rank.

From PR0 to PR4 in less than 30 days

But here is a thing… and if I tell you that I never worry too much about Page Rank and after one month, I ended up with a PR4 website! Sounds good?

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At that time I was just starting to implement a link building campaign and as a result, my website went from PR0 to PR4 in less than 30 days. Do you want to know how I did it?

Understanding How to Increase Page Rank Quickly

The best way to get a high Page Rank is by focusing on creating world-class content! You can read my post about how to get backlinks and improve your PR but, if you don’t focus on creating great content you will not achieve good results that fast. This is the step one and also the short cut! Step Two is about social syndication.

You have to know where to submit your content. If you just create great content and don’t let others judge you will never see any benefits. But how can you promote your content? I must say via Facebook and Twitter. You have to discover where your audience is hanging out and give your best content to them. If they judge your job as valuable, you will get what you want: exposure, influence, backlinks.

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And remember, when publishing on Facebook, always analyze your content and see if is worth sharing with groups and friends. Otherwise, people will just ignore your message and you can look like a spammer. And that is the last thing you want. I hope you get value from the article, and focus on what is really necessary.

Don’t waste too much time thinking about page rank, instead focus on research and on creating the best content you can! That is it for today and before you leave, I’d like to once again ask you to join my newsletter because like I said before I do most of my teaching via email, that is how I reward the ones who take this first step to give me a chance of proving my value to the community.

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  1. Andreas Peter Høgfeldt Andersen says

    Where did you get the data from the table? Is it realistic? Great article :-)

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Hey Andreas… thanks for visiting!
      And about the data… yes, it is realistic!
      I always do a deep research before writing my articles but this table in particular I found in one of the many SEO trainings that I have.
      I am glad you like the article! :)

  2. Amber says

    Interesting article. I’m still at PR1 after 3 years though I must say that within the last 6 months I’ve been really writing more content. I’m on Facebook and Twitter, but no other social sites.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      You have to focus on creating great content! If you are doing that, sooner or later you will get there!
      Thanks for the compliment!

  3. Anri says

    Hi dear author. I let myself not to agree with you. If you are doing great research, how can you explain this: I have got a website which does not have links anywhere but is PR3 and in less then 3 months. I don’t use any black hat seo.
    I have just valuable links in my website which helped my website to increase page rank. That means that Page Rank depends only on how many valuable links do you have only in your website, but not how many links you left in other websites.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      You have to monitor your backlinks. Believe me, if your website is PR3 there are a lot of other sites linking to it. You can use a service like MajesticSeo to confirm that. Anri, I respect your opinion, but I don’t agree because in reality, you DO need good links OFF site to improve your Page Rank.
      Any way, thanks for leaving a comment and feel free to contact me if you need something else.

  4. Hemang Shah says

    I am using this things and my website increase a page rank o to page rank 2.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Wow… that is great! :) And thanks for your feedback. I am really happy to be helpful.
      Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more tips!

  5. widhi says

    in my case, i dont know
    my page rank decrease after i put ads in several spot. Is it related? Well, i do try also making great content on it… Is it possible to get PR3 again, and how long does it take?

    Nice article, thanks for the information

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      The logical explanation is that you lost some of the links that were giving you the PR3. This can happen! And of course you can get there again, just keep your link building campaign and don’t stop creating great content.
      Thanks for stopping by!!

  6. kishore says

    Howdy expensive publisher. I make it possible for myself to not trust people. In case you are accomplishing excellent analysis, how can you clarify this particular: We’ve obtained an online site which don’t even have links wherever nevertheless is actually PR3 and inside much less next 3-4 months. I don’t make use of almost any african american loath web optimization.
    We’ve only useful links during my website which served my personal website to increase pagerank.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      I said this before… you have to monitor your backlinks – you can use majestic-seo for that. Even if YOU are not building these links, links are being built in some way. When it comes to how to increase page rank you need links pointing to your site. That is how it works.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Lisa says

    Felipe, I always wondered how to do this and you really show us step by step here, thank you. I have found it’s harder to climb once you reach 3, it is easier to go from 1 to 2 but 2 to 3 is harder and so on. How does doing guest posting affect page rank?

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Hey Lisa… Nice to see you here! Well, I don’t use guest posting to increase page rank, I think it is more effective to build authority. And it’s normal to get harder and harder to increase your page rank once you achieve a higher level because in fact you will need a lot more good links when compared when you had page rank 0 or 1 for instance!
      Thanks for visiting!!

  8. srinivasan says

    really it is very nice article, Thank’s to share this article , I have no ranking for my site i have done 600 bookmark it’s all pr 2 but still i didn’t get ranking so what should i do now? can you help me ?

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Well, you have to check if those links from social bookmarks are Do-Follow! In case you are building no-follow links… they have their value but you must know that they don’t count for page rank. And I just recorded a video explaining some tactics to help you with that… so stay tuned!

  9. says

    Great article. We have been trying to increase our PR for the last couple of years with no success. We try to create great content but I guess that the area in which we work (tourism) is quite hard to crack. Also, link building does not seem to work any more.
    Any more tips are welcome!

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      That is a great point! There are some areas in which it’s more difficult to increase page rank. But I think you should try do read some articles here and see if you can apply some of my tips for link building.
      I will be posting regularly, so stay tuned for more good ideas.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Hey Patrick… you can poke around here! There are some good articles under the link building section of my website. I think those posts can give you some cool ideas.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  10. says

    hi Felipe, which links are counts? i have just 46 backlinks in alexa and Zero link in google checker my site is now pr 1 and it is in arabic, it has a unique content.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Hey Oday… for page rank just do-follow links count.
      And you are doing the right thing by monitoring your backlinks, this is really important!

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      It’s a good question, but you have to understand that your domain carries more weight when it comes to Pagerank. My root domain is PR4 but the PR of individual posts varies a lot depending on the number of quality backlinks pointing to them. For instance, on this blog I have some posts with PR3, PR2, PR1 and PR0. This page is PR0 because there is not so many backlinks going on here. That is it!
      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Thanks Liton… don’t forget to read more articles here! I can say I am working hard to offer great content to my audience besides if you want extra help, get my ebook!
      Thanks for visiting!

  11. Satyam Singh says

    Rightly said Content is King but without promotion your content is nothing, i agree with you joining Facebook group and using twitter bring traffic on your site.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Hey Satyam, you got it! In order to truly understand how to increase page rank we must evaluate carefully our content, when it is not good there is no reason to share it with groups or followers!

  12. says

    Great post. My site is about travel guides and when i log in on webmaster tools(google) it says I have backlink from, and also on .ca(probably a recommendation somewhere on the comments.) However I am still PR0 and tripadvisor is PR8. Do you have any idea why?

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      You have to remember how page rank works! You will only get the benefit of having someone linking to you when that link is a DO-FOLLOW; that is the first thing. In addition, you have to evaluate if that PR8 website is linking to your site from their home page, because if they are linking using an internal page this does not carry the same weight.

  13. says

    Very informative and useful content for seo beginners. There are many things which a blogger need to be careful before creating backlinks for a site. Quality backlinks are the main focus of the blogger than quantity.

  14. says

    I was always curious on how to increase my PR, thanks for clarifying several issues I was facing. Thanks to your blog I now know what I must modify within my strategy. :)

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      You’re welcome my friend.
      Feel free to check more articles on my site. I am trying to do my best here.
      Thanks for visiting!

  15. says

    Wow, really a great article. I wasn’t knowing that increasing PR can be such a good deal. Using you valuable post now i can track Google for updating my sites PR.
    Please keep sharing just great posts.
    Keep sharing!!!

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      I am glad you like my writing. And of course, I will focus my energy on creating great content. That is my model!
      Well, it’s really great to see when people like what you are doing and I am sure that if you follow the instructions here you will increase your page rank quickly!
      Stay tuned for my updates!

  16. says

    Bringing my website on top of search engine or either giving it a high PR seems so hard for me. Been doing this for months now but still no success. Still figuring out how to help my self so i will give your tips a try. Hope this will work for me :(

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Keep going! I know that sometimes the things we really want take longer than we expect but if you have a big goal there is no other thing to do but keep going.
      I hope you get the results you want using my tips to increase page rank, I am trying to do my best here.
      Thanks for visiting.

  17. says

    Thank you for the useful article on PR. Even though my Alexa ranking is good(around 610k) my PR is still 1. I am sure some of your tips will help me in the right direction.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      That is the easy way… of course there is a lot of bad sites ranking high on Google but if you are thinking long term, then good content is a MUST!

  18. says

    I see a lot of people who just start a blog and immediately start running after getting a high PR, and in their attempts thy often unknowingly perform methods which actually bring their blog down instead of ranking them high. I believe, in beginning, everyone’s primary focus should be ‘Adding quality content on their blog’ and sharing with friends and on social media. Then come the next steps.


    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      That is right! Actually you can get high PR sites to help you achieve first page, but it will not last long if you don’t have good content to sustain that place on Google. That is when having great content really helps.

  19. says

    Well. Thanks for a nice article. The table maybe is not 100% correct but of course showing the “Thing”. What do you think how the pagerank table alter to other countries. if your domain is for instance and you get the high pagerank sites linking from (Different tld:s). I think the value of the link is more valueable from same continent/tlds then other “tld:s”. Do you have a table which support also different country linking?

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Let’s see. Intriguing question about geographic… but in my experience there is no difference when it comes to link juice passing through international pages or just in USA. What really matters is the PR of the page you are getting links from.
      Don’t over complicate this!

      • says

        Thanks for your answer. Well your experiences about cross country linking between different countrys are a Little bit wrong. Afcourse the link juce will affect stronger if the same domain countries will link with each other instead say a link came from china’s page to a Sweden in situations that pagerank is the same from the source. I am pretty confident about it after my test’s. Sorry for my English.

  20. says

    The table is just awesome! I am gaining Alexa rank slowly and steadily, but my pagerank does not increase. Anyways, I’ll keep this “table” in mind and look into the matter

    Thanks! Great post

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Thanks man, Alexa is a great place to track how our site is doing but it’s better focusing on SEO and getting that steady traffic that all we want.
      I am glad you find my site!
      Thanks for visiting.

  21. says

    My website is currently PR2 (went down from PR3 about nine months ago). I still can’t tell why. However, I have a puzzling situation where a certain competitor with PR1 permanently sits in the #1 spot on Google search results for at least five of the KEYest keywords, while I’m #2!! It’s puzzling.

    I am fighting harder to push them off that spot. I have checked out their domain authority and site authority; my website beats theirs on BOTH counts. I checked out number of in-bound links, mine still beats theirs.

    I am guessing all this is because their website is older than mine and maybe, JUST MAYBE, because their domain name was purchased for three years at a stretch while mine is one year. I’m considering extending my domain registration to five years to see how that helps. (I learnt search engines interpret domain duration as a sign that you’re “here to stay” and so, they give you more credibility.).

    I’ll keep on trying. I just have to seize that #1 spot on those coveted keywords. I can’t bear to be #2 or #3.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Ok… it seems that your site is better than your competitor. But when that is the case, you have to ask yourself how good your content really is when compared to your competitor. It’s a good question.
      Start comparing his ON-Page factors with yours, because if your site has a higher page rank, a better domain authority and it seems that your link profile is also superior, I can only assume that his content is more optimized or yet, it’s more useful for users and these factors are analyzed by Google when judging which website gets the better ranking.

  22. says

    Thankyou sir for this awesome post.. i was searching for the tips to increase page rank and this article is really helpful for me thanks a tonn

  23. says

    Thank you for your post,

    I made my blog few months ago, and Google didn’t give me a pagerank yet.
    I think I need to wait longer.

  24. says

    The table alone is worth reading this article for. I have, for so long, struggled to increase my PR, hopefully I will do a little better armed with this information.

  25. says

    Hmm…I have been working on 2 websites and have few pr5 backlinks pointing towards the first one. But when I check my PR, it shows 0. Is it really that hard to get a good PR?

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      There are two explanations for that:
      Sometimes Google takes time to update the page rank score or…
      The links you got are not from PR5 pages, maybe you could be looking at the PR of the domain and not the individual page.
      But in reality, it’s not that easy to get a high PR, it takes time and effort.
      Thanks for visiting.

  26. says

    Trying to increase the pr on my blog.. but it will not increase at all :(
    I doesnt even have a pagerank.. Nice article, i’ll just keep trying and trying!
    some day it will increase right..!?

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      I know it’s hard to keep doing things when we cannot see results but that is exactly what you have to do. Keep going!

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      There are different reasons for that but the most common one is because Google doesn’t update the Page Rank of websites very often. But keep building good links to your site and when the next update comes you will notice a boost!

  27. says

    Hey, got great help by reading this articles, i have got page rank of 4 by just submitting directories , and had bitter experience by publishing press release all , because they distribute content to lower/spaaming sites

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Press releases are great but unfortunately you have to spend some money in case you really want to see the benefits of publishing your press release.

  28. says

    It’s an interesting article, I just started a new blog. It’s going to be interesting to see how fast I can climb the ranks.

    What do you think about instagram to attract readers, and subsequently back links?
    It’s a golf blog and I of course plan to post pictures from golf courses, etc. on instagram.

  29. wizz says

    i start 2 weeks ago and i see that is does some good things,
    i got more visitors, my pagerank is still not upgraded.
    but it does need time to change.


  30. says

    I loved the chart given by the author for google page ranking.

    It is so true that google page rank is not the only way to rank on google. Another so true is that we almost forget that to do a business online we dont need google at all its just that google ranking brings a lots of organic traffic to the site which is targeted.

    But the thing is we only need targeted traffic to do business that does not mean google is the only place to do that. You can get traffic in a lots of ways like social media, email marketing, paid advertising so dont dump them they are very good traffic as well.

    Its so true that no matter how hard you try no more then 10 searches will be showen to google search so only 10 websites seo will be worth it other are almost waste of time.

    So in my view you should focus on your content and promotion of your websites with other real time methods.


    Regards CEO

  31. says

    Wow, it’s a lot of work! Thanks for your article, it really opened my eyes. I’m trying to incrase my pagerank from 2 to 3.