Increasing Google Page Rank

In this lesson you will learn what to do in order to increase the page rank of your website; this will start to build the foundation of your link building strategy.

How to Improve your Page Rank Fast

Before we start discussing how to increase page rank on our own sites, we have to ask ourselves why do we need a higher Page Rank?

Actually, Page Rank is just one of the hundreds of factors used by Google to rank pages on their search results, in other words it has its relevancy in terms of SERP (search engine ranking position). Maybe PR is the not the number one factor when it comes to ranking websites and for experience I would say that authority probably is this main factor, nevertheless you should know the importance of page rank related to the SEO game.

I don’t know if you remember, but in one of the previous lessons I said something like this: the perfect link has high PR and it is relevant to your content. Or if you want to use the same equation that some SEO experts are using you can say: good SEO = PR + Relevance!

Why is that?

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In this lesson you will learn how to increase your Google page rank. This is a really good way to make your site more important when Google looks at it.

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Actually, when you have a high page rank some things can become easier in terms of how Google determines your position on their results, but you have to remember that this is only going to work if you know what you are doing in terms of keyword research, on-page optimization and link building strategies.

Having a high page rank helps but it is not a factor that you have to worry about that much! Over time you will learn new ways to build great links to your site and the reason why I spent a lot of time covering the best ways to analyze an old domain it’s because it would save us some time at this stage we are now.

In case you have chosen to buy a high PR domain using the methods I showed you before, you could be now the owner of a quality PR3 or PR4 website with valuable links pointing to it.

And just a heads up, I don’t recommend buying a PR2 domain or below, in this case it’s better to start fresh because the quality of those links are proven to not be that great.

However, in case you have bought a brand new domain your PR is not even zero right now. The lowest score for PR is n/a and that is pretty bad; it only shows that this website is not valuable for Google whatsoever. And when that is the case, it’s a good thing to know how to increase page rank and that is what this lesson is all about.

But first, let’s take a look at the table below:

Page Rank table

Maybe it’s not clear what exactly the table represents but I will explain to you in just a second.

What it’s pretty obvious on the table is the importance of planning your steps.

When you don’t plan your steps and the strategy you are going to apply you might need tons of links pointing to your site to achieve a website with Page Rank 5 for instance.

When it comes to increasing your page rank you need to have a solid and easy to apply strategy!

Analyzing the case of a PR5 as a goal!

Now let me show you in details how you can use the table.

For now I will consider our final goal as a PR5 website.

In this case, we will need:

  • 555 backlinks from PR3 websites or
  • 101 links from PR4 sites or
  • 18 backlinks from PR5 or
  • 3 backlinks from websites with PageRank 6 and finally,
  • If you manage to get just one link from a Page Rank 7 website we will achieve our goal of having a PR5 on our own site.

As you could see, it’s possible to achieve Page Rank 5 but you have to focus on getting high quality backlinks with high PR. To get those sorts of links is important to use the right strategies, but I will leave this part for the end of this lesson.

Maybe this topic was new for you, but now I think you could realize some of the requirements to increase the page rank of your site and also how difficult it is to achieve a high PR.

It is difficult but it’s not impossible and using the right tools will give you the easy to apply strategy we need to increase our site’s authority. The first thing we need to do is learn how to identify those high quality backlinks and for that task we are going to need some tools that are presented on the next step.

submit button

Finding Link Opportunities

The best tool to identify the PR of any website is SEO quake.

Just go to download the toolbar.


SEO Quake is an amazing tool because it can show all sorts of parameters we need to analyze the SEO authority of a specific page.

Here are small list of SEO parameters you can analyze by using SEO quake.

  • Google PageRank
  • Google Index
  • Yahoo links
  • Bing index
  • Alexa Rank
  • Webarchive age
  • Whois link
  • SEMRush rank
  • Nofollow links

There is a lot more, but at this point the only parameter we are interested in is Google PageRank, so after installing the toolbar you can remove all the other options.

Now that you have the toolbar working on your favorite browser, we just need to use some Google operators to help us find out great link opportunities.

You don’t want to build over 500 links if you can aim for 18 or even 3, right?

By using the right operators when searching on Google and using SEO Quake to identify PRs you can discover a lot of great opportunities when looking for high quality backlinks.

Here is a cool example: I just went to Google and typed “leave a comment” real estate:


As you could see, it is not that hard to find high PR links when you know how to do the search.

But if this is totally new for you, here is some great news.

There is a website that brings all these priceless queries so you can use them on whatever niche you are. It’s really awesome, you just choose the type of link you want and then type your keyword. That is it. It is really simple.

I am talking about



There is a big variety of links you can build, such as:

  • .edu blogs,
  • .gov blogs,
  • CommentLuv blogs,
  • Intense Debate blogs just to cite a few.

Let’s repeat the process using that some query but now using DropMyLink.


Look at that!

Using the same query “real estate” I could find at the exact moment I was writing this lesson, two PR 3 websites. How amazing is that! And if we go back to the table, assuming we could actually build those links, the total of 3 links from PR3 pages will give us PR2.

That is fantastic! It’s just a little bit of work but it is a great way to increase your authority over time. These are great tricks to make your site rank higher for the keywords you are trying to rank for.

And that is all you need to know about increasing your Page Rank.

But before finishing this lesson let me tell you what happened to me when I was trying to increase my authority when I got started.

From PR0 to PR4 in less than 30 days

At that time I wasn’t thinking about Page Rank that much but turns out, I ended up having a website with Page Rank 4 after a month! Sounds good?

How this happened?

In reality, I was starting to implement a kind of alternative link building campaign and as a result, my website went from PR0 to PR4 in less than 30 days.

How I did it?

Well, this is just a two steps process an in my opinion, it is the best way to increase your page rank quickly.

The first step is all about your content because by far the easiest and legit way to get a high Page Rank is by focusing on creating world-class content!

When you don’t focus on creating great content you are ignoring an important weapon on your arsenal.

Some SEO experts call this strategy as Link Bait

It’s like you create a content that people will naturally link to you. It’s like your content is the bait for other website owners share your piece of content with their audience and that alone builds authority, credibility and if you got lucky, Page Rank.

If you don’t focus on creating great content you will not achieve good results that fast. This is the step one and also the short cut!

Step Two is about syndication. In this case I am talking about Social Media syndication and don’t worry because we will talk a lot more about that topic on later lessons, for now I just want to give you a heads up.

But keep that in mind, you have to know where to submit your content.

In reality, if you just create great content and don’t let others judge how good it is, you will never see any benefits.

But you might be wondering, how can I promote my content if I am new at this niche?

The best social media venues for this matter are Facebook and Twitter on that order.

On Facebook you can look at groups and popular pages for starters.

When using Facebook it’s important to be social, don’t forget that. You can even send a private message to the owner of a Facebook page and ask for a link to your content. And when your content is really helpful they will share your article with their audience. This works great when you create some sort of beginner’s guide! Give it a try.

The secret is: you have to discover where your audience is hanging out and give your best content to them. If they judge your job as valuable, you will get what you want: exposure, influence, credibility and last but not least, high quality backlinks.

And remember, when publishing on Facebook analyze the type of content you are publishing and see if is worth sharing with groups or even friends. If you don’t do that, people will just ignore your message and you can look like a spammer and when it comes to social media that is the last thing you want.

This is an important lesson and I hope you got value from it.

I am giving you easy and effective strategies because I don’t want you to waste your time focusing on what is not really necessary.

Action Steps

  • Use DropMyLink and SEO quake to find at least 10 high page rank websites where you can submit your link. Pick just website with PR3 or higher and make sure you can add your links on the page.
  • Go to Facebook and identify popular pages on your niche and hit their Like button. You are doing this to save those pages for later networking.
  • Don’t forget, this business is also about building relationships. That is why it’s better to engage in conversation right from the beginning.
  • This technique is powerful and it’s going to be used to promote our pages! So in reality we need at least 2 of those powerful links pointing to each one of our 5 pages; you need to find 10 good links in total.

NOTE: Sometimes it’s not easy to get those links; even after identifying them you can face some problems to actually build a high PR link pointing to your page.

Dead Line: Take your time; you need at least 10 powerful links at this stage. You can take anything from 3 to 5 days to build those links. You don’t need to use this tactic using posts!

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