SEO Strategies – When a Boo Boo Can Cost All Your Rankings and How to Avoid This!

Hey my friends! Today I want to share some results I was getting after two months working on different SEO strategies for a new website. Of course I will keep some details private to maintain this project alive but I will tell you some of the things I was doing and the results I was experimenting.

Ok… Let’s get started… talking about results.

Results after 45 days!

The goal of my new website was to rank page one for 24 keywords. Of course, if possible top 5 for most of the terms but let me tell you what happened.

My first focus: Creating great content!
creating content

Seriously, the first time I read someone saying that creating great content is the best way to increase your SEO traffic I almost laughed.

But then I started reading the same thing over and over again but now being shared through thought leaders

Well, when that happens you have to reconsider some of your core concepts.

And that is what I did. As a first step I focused on creating high quality content!

Previously I have shared how you can create great content but bottom line you must break the pattern.

Being more specific: stop doing what everybody else is doing.

10 Keywords on Page One – Using the Right SEO Strategies

And here what just happened. I told you I was focusing on 24 different keywords for a new website, and by creating high quality content I could see 10 keywords on Page One of Google after 45 days.

That was amazing! I mean, now people are concerned about SEO strategies, Panda, Penguin, duplicate content and a lot of other stuff and by doing this, I could proof to myself that I know what I was doing.

It is kind of a feeling of mission accomplished. And that is one of the best things that can happen to you when you have a goal in mind and you are just starting implement the steps.

How I Get There!

SEO strategies
Second Step is about syndication. You have to let people know that you have new and great content. And that is when people make a lot of mistakes and can be flagged by Google as spammers. I will not cover how to syndicate your content now, but instead I will give you an example. But first, let me ask you a question.

Are you a spammer??

Think again! Because all bloggers I know use WordPress to publish their content. And if you are like me, you proofread your posts before and after have published it.

The problem with that is that you can be seen as a ping spammer. Actually, every time you update a post using WordPress the default setup will ping your posts using different services. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is using WordPress Ping Optimizer.  Another problem related to ping spammer is trying to use to ping a post after have published it.

Action step: Install WordPress Ping Optimizer and stop using ping services if you are using WordPress.

How I Lost My Rankings!


Now… the title of this post is about a mistake I made that compromised all my rankings. Not kidding. However I intend to discuss the whole process I was going through in another post now I just want to tell about the boo boo.

Goal: Internal Linking!

Once I get over 10 keywords on page one, I decided to improve the conversions and bounce rate. How to do this: by inner linking my posts. Deep linking!

It is really a time consuming process, but when you do this, you have to review your whole website, so I advise you to do this at an early stage. You can start doing the internal linking after you have 5 posts on your blog.

That is a good number, because as a rule I like to add at least 5 internal links on each article because this can reduce the bounce rate. However, when reviewing the site there is one powerful plugin that can ruin all your SEO efforts.

Screenshot Yoast SEO plugin

Actually is a check box on that plugin. I am referring to WordPress SEO by Yoast. And you have the option to let Google know about your posts or you can hide them from Google.

Just don’t ask me how I did it, but I accidentally check the box to hide my posts from search engines. And now I know how smart search engines are, because if you tell them “do not index my page” they will follow your instructions!

Action step: Review the setup of SEO plugin and check that box when you see some dropping on your rankings.

Final Thoughts

Now I don’t know how long search engines will take to re-index my pages but publishing new content is one of the best ways to speed up this process.

And that is what this post is about! It is just content for readers besides, doesn’t matter the niche you are involved, you have to mix it up different types of articles when preparing your content strategy.

Well, that is the end of this post!

I hope you get value from the article because I have to admit that I had a great time when writing it.

And please, join the conversation! Show me you are alive by leaving a comment below!

Thanks everyone!

We talk soon!