How To Make Money On YouTube in 2014

If you are looking for ways of how to make money on YouTube just be a little patient because this article will give you several options and different strategies you can use to monetize your YouTube videos.

But first let me tell you this, turn the process of video creation into profit is not that simple and it is always going to be a hot topic! That is the reason why every serious internet marketer should pay attention on this terrific method to make money online.

YouTube for Blog Promotion

How To Make Money On YouTube

Youtube On Tablet

Marketers continue to use YouTube topromote their blogs. To do this you should add your unique video on YouTube and be sure to insert a link inside the bio box pointing back to your website.

The promotion will only work if the video can add value to your “tribe”/audience, in other words it has to provide useful and valuable information to the niche you are in, so you can start to position yourself as an authority and that new awareness can bring you some profit in the near future.

When we are analyzing  how to make money on YouTube this is powerful and is also a great way to get more traffic to your website.

Before you put your video on YouTube to promote your website is important to analyze very carefully the needs of your niche and try to solve those problems with some lectures or webinars. Be aware of using good quality recording devices during the process of video creation besides I recommend you use easy video player for editing your videos which is a powerful software.

YouTube Partnership

As you probably realize by now, advertising has become a major part of YouTube since Google bought the company. These changes have always advantages and downsides but as marketers, we have to be aware of the new possibilities such as placing ads in videos and getting paid for clicks (like a new AdSense program).

And like AdSense you will only become a YouTube partner when your site is approved after an application submission. When it comes to how to make money on YouTube, this approval is a game changer.


Surprised Girl Looking On MobileHow to Make Money on YouTube using Email Marketing and Mobile

Even when using YouTube videos we cannot ignore the power of email marketing and here don’t forget to consider a mobile marketing solution which is also great way to collect extra leads to your business.


However, when using YouTube we can’t place the opt-in form on the video itself, but we can give the visitors the path via placing watermarks on the videos or even adding a link pointing to a squeeze page within our bio.

And being honest, when it comes down to how to make money on YouTube, email marketing is also extremely powerful.

Using YouTube to Promote Affiliate Products

Doesn’t matter the channel you are using, affiliate marketing is always going to be a safe place to start and when we are trying to learn how to make money on YouTube this is not different.

And here you are going to use a similar technique taught in the section above about email marketing: watermarks.

woman holding cameraThe change at this stage is the approach, because if you are trying to promote an affiliate product via YouTube you should use the concept of useful but incomplete information.

It has to be useful in order to gather the public attention and it has to be incomplete because your affiliate offer must provide the complete solution to the problem your audience is facing.

YouTube Rentals – Beta

This new feature is only available for US residents and it is still running in Beta test. The goal of the YouTube Rentals is provide to content owners a really flexible way to monetize the videos being added into the YouTube community. It is a pay-to-view model which provides to the video owner total control over the content he is uploading.

What is great about this feature is the possibility of charging a rental fee for each video you are adding into YouTube which is particularly interesting if you are a seminar giver or have the ability to produce viral videos.

YouTube itself is not one of those experimental online marketing tools, reason why we have to master different alternatives on how to make money on YouTube in order to take advantage of all the possibilities they are offering to increase our profits online.

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