How to Make Money with Clickbank Step by Step

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If you want to know how to make money with Clickbank, read carefully this whole article because it describes everything you should know about picking the right product to promote and ultimately, starting making money as an affiliate.

The key point on helping you to earn extra cash using Clickbank is to choose good products.

This is what determines the success of your campaign.

This article will cover all you need to know about picking a high quality product.
It will guide you throughout how you can make real money with clickbank and some other ways to start promoting your offer which leads to… simply put, extra income.

How to Make Money with ClickBank – Step by Step

The first step is create your CB account.
If you don’t have an account you have to join clickbank: here you can create your account as an affiliate!

joining clickbank image
Then you have to go to the Marketplace tab at the top of the page and click there.

When you hit marketplace you can start to browse by category.

At this stage I suggest you choose a category of your interest or something you want to learn more about.

When it comes to learning how to make money with clickbank, choosing a niche you are familiarized with turns the process a lot easier.

Now, before browsing for products in a specific category there is something you must know.

  • Clickbank is the major retailer of digital products in the world and they do their best to get rid of low quality products, nevertheless there is a lot of useless products. So, you have to make sure to pick products that are worth promoting.

How can you do this?

The answer…

You should always consider using a step by step system so you will know the foundations to get started and after that you can spend some time to understand some of the data provided by Clickbank.

But still, let me give you an extra help!

  • The first data you must look at carefully is gravity!

Gravity is kind of an obscure factor but it gives you an idea about how many people/affiliates are making money online by selling that product.

clickbank stats gravity

The data is compiled based on the last 8 weeks and each affiliate that makes sales during this period can add the maximum of 1 point and the minimum of 0.1 to the gravity of a product.

So, by using a roughly approximation we can assume that if the gravity of a product is 40, it can indicate that there are about 80 affiliates making money from that product.

If you want to know how to make fast money with clickbank, don’t choose products which the gravity is very high.

I would suggest anything from 6 up to 50. Why?
Because the competition is a little lower, but there are still plenty of people making money by selling that product.

With the data provided on their marketplace, that is all you can do!

how to make money with clickbank getting started

The Best Way to Find Products and Start Making Money with Clickbank

To refine your search, you have to visit the affiliate section on the merchant’s page to try to extract more data!

Where can you find this section?

Some of the merchants add their affiliate page into Clickbank marketplace but others don’t, for those, you have to go to their main site, scroll down at the bottom of the page and look for affiliates or jv (joint ventures).

When you click these links, you will have access to all the tools provided by the merchant.

But for now, forget about the tools and just look for EPC and Refund Rate on the affiliates page.

The ideal product has a high EPC and a low Refund Rate.

clickbank epc image

EPC stands for earnings per click.
If you want to really understand how to make money with clickbank you have to learn to analyze EPC.

Why?? Imagine this scenario.

You built your website, are driving traffic to it, people are clicking through your affiliate link but no one is buying! It’s terrible. EPC is that important!


A good merchant will show the EPC flat out! It is an average but it gives you a great sense of how well that product converts.

But that is not all, you also want a low refund rate, because if a visitor bought a product using your link and then ask for a refund, this not only affects the merchant but you also would lose the commission.

If the product is good, the refund rate MUST be lower than 15%.

If you want to master the process on making money online using Clickbank, choosing a high quality product is step number one!

The second step is about promoting your affiliate link and there are some great products to teach you just how to do that. Besides, you can promote your offer even if you don’t have a website.

If you want to know how to make money with clickbank without a website, just check out this quick start guide explaining some alternatives to promote your affiliate link.

Actually, if you are really into Social Media you can just put your affiliate link and send a message via Twitter or promote your offer on Facebook if you like.

To know more about how to use Facebook to maximize your earnings on Clickbank, you have to take a look at Info Cash – I tried and it’s a great product!

fb influence banner

Building a website is highly recommended for the ones willing to enter into this business for real.

Driving traffic can be a little complicated but you can learn how to get extra traffic and achieve good results.

I took special attention on picking the right product because when it comes to how to make money with clickbank it makes all the difference.

And now I have a surprise for you!!

My First Paycheck from Clickbank!

This is really personal but I want to share this with you!

This is the first time I get paid by Clickbank! Yeah, this is my first paycheck!

paycheck from clickbank

It was a great day for me and you can see, this is not that old 7/2/2012.

There is my name on it and if it’s difficult to read …the value is exactly $ 652.99!

It’s not a fortune, but my point is: there is real money to be made here! And you can see… I did it, so you can do it too!

This article explained the basics about how to make money with Clickbank but being completely honest, a professional training is a MUST, otherwise you will waste valuable time with learning!

Fortunately, I have two great options for you.

Here we go!

In case this entire process is completely new for you; this is the first time you are trying to build a website to make money on the internet then the best option for you is Chris Farrell Membership.

Chris Farrell is really good at teaching, he is friendly, extremely successful and his method is solid – his membership site was graded A for more than 1,600 students. You cannot go wrong with his program.

The second option is a training developed by Patric Chan and it’s more indicated for the ones who already have some experience with internet marketing but don’t understand why they are struggling on getting good results.

This training is called CB Passive Income and it’s certainly one of the best courses in this area; it is the best fit in case you don’t know what you are doing wrong!

CB Passive Income explains all you need to know about making money with Clickbank using Patric Chan methods and I really believe this is one of the most complete and comprehensive online marketing system available right now!

You will get access to dozens of text lessons explaining step by step the best tactics when it comes to making money on the internet

Your only job is to follow the strategies and once you do that,  you WILL see good results really fast.

That is it!

Get Started Now


If you have more questions about how to make money with Clickbank please leave a comment below!


  1. Jonathan Green says

    Hey man how you doing i love your blogs, blog post and SEO how are you doing with it so far is it your main income? Sorry to be nosy :) but how do you get those pop ups on your blog?

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      I am doing fine, thanks for asking! Now let me see how I can help you…
      Well, sorry Jonathan but I don’t feel comfortable to share my income; I’d rather not do it, sorry about that, but I am really glad you like the blog! And about the pop up, you can find what you want at

      Hey Jonathan, don’t forget to grab the e-book. My best stuff is in there. I know it can help you a lot. Thanks for visiting.

  2. samir says

    I have gone through your notes on making money wirh clickbank. You have described about Chris Farell Membership. I would like to know is that is the Membership of Chris only about training Programe or can you make money from the Membership site.
    Please give me proper guidance.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Well, there are some points here. This membership site is ideal to guide you through making money online with affiliate marketing and of course, it all starts with Clickbank. It will help you figure out a lot of things that can be obscure when you are learning. And of course you can make money selling the membership. But, it doesn’t fit the criteria I cited on the post because there is a lot of competition. When starting out choose products with a lower gravity because they are easy to compete with.
      That is all, thanks for visiting.

  3. Thomas says

    I remember those days of affiliate marketing I need to get back in the saddle and start getting those sales. I would also say look for products that have great content and landing pages. I found it easier for me to get sales when I sent more qualified leads and didn’t just put up banners and ads every where. No one believed I was making money until I got my first check. I love the weight lose niche.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Hey Thomas… thanks for visiting!
      When it comes to making money with Clickbank the first check is something really special! :) I am pretty sure that it can boost our confidence and keep us on the fast track to succeed online.
      You mentioned some nice points here. That is great!

  4. says

    Felipe you seem to be a great blogger to follow up; read you material, and find it well written, concise and without hype.

    Just a recommendation; I keep returning to your website and it keeps displaying the popup to sign in to get the “BoostingCommission2013.pdf”; in your search for “truly strive for excellence” I guess you should make your Website recognize returning visitors who already downloaded the PDF.

    Will keep returning. Very satisfied.


    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Hello Pablo… Wow!! I am surprised, that is a great contribuition! Thank you my friend.
      Well, I have to be honest with you because I don’t know if this is possible, but I will do some research and see if I can find a less annoying popup. I don’t know, but maybe next month I will revamp my site and if you don’t mind, I’ll ask for your opinion.
      Thanks for being a regular reader and I hope you have enjoyed the e-book!

  5. says

    I’m just beginning to work with clikbank. they seem to be pretty solid; except i don’t care necessarily for the buyer exiting my site. but whatever makes money
    at any rate thanks for the info

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Well, I don’t think this is a good approach. If you don’t care about buyers you don’t have a business, you just have a money maker and I don’t think this is a long term strategy! Any way… thanks for visiting.

  6. says

    Hi Felipe,

    This is great article and indeed a guideline, a few step with this will make me more money outside blogging. Having this great approach as beginner will definitely help me on clickbank

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Hey friend, I described a good guideline but like I said, there is a lot more involved when it comes to making money with Clickbank that is the reason why I recommend a training course. It works like this: you spend some money to make more money. For me it’s a fair trade!

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Hey man, thanks for asking! Actually with email marketing, this method tends to work even better! This source of traffic is extremely targeted and I bet you will make some nice profits by applying what I am teaching.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      I don’t know exactly why… but when you fill out the form to join Clickbank you have to provide your personal data. I assume that for payments the only required data are first name and physical address. That is it!

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      That is great man! Well, here I covered one of the most important parts about making money with Clickbank, but there is a lot more involved.
      With that being said, if you really want to know how to make real money online a complete course is a MUST and in my opinion, Affiloblueprint by Mark Link is the best training available right now. There is more about this training on my site.
      It’s a superb course.

  7. says

    Thanks Felipe,

    Recently, I have been considering going into affiliate marketing. I think Clickbank is a nice place to start. One more thing, is it available for users in Nigeria?

    Thanks for sharing, hoping to hear from you soon.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      I listed Clickbank because it’s the easier way to get started with affiliate marketing. And I tried to give you some directions here so you won’t have doubts when choosing a good product to promote.
      And doesn’t matter when you are in the Globe, this is China, Brazil, Nigeria and in any other country you can think of.

      Well, I hope it helps and welcome to my blog!

        • Felipe Kurpiel says

          Sorry Ebenezer, I didn’t know that!
          But still I think you can try to create an account and check if you are allowed to at least have a Clickbank account. If this is possible and you can add you home address I don’t see any issue, but if you are not allowed to create your account then unfortunately you will have to seek out sites like Amazon and Share a Sale.

  8. says

    ClickBank is a great affiliate network for earning huge income. Some of my friends are earning huge income but i find it difficult to promote it’s products. I think my strategies are not quite effective.

    Anyways thanks for the tips.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      You are not wrong. It’s not that easy to find an effective way to promote products.
      This involves a lot of study and research. And I showed you all my check but there is a learning curve. I can take weeks or even months to get this process right!
      Be sure to get my ebook because I wrote a lot of strategies you can use to get visitors; build an audience and promote products.
      Well, thanks for visiting and be sure to read the most popular articles on the blog.

  9. bhargav tandel says

    my idea is to buy a domain at godaddy to promote click bank products and forwarding with masking as they shown on search engines . but my doubt is about the traffic to that domain . I will go for youtube , buzzfeed, fb, twitter everything I just need your advice
    again sorry for wrong English

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Being completely honest with you, I don’t like this strategy. :(
      It sounds like a very, very blackhat/spammy tactic.
      I am not here to judge anyone but this type of advertisement is not something I would advice any of my readers to do. It doesn’t seem to be a long term strategy.
      That is my opinion… I hope it helps.

  10. says

    Hey Felipe,

    This is a great tutorial on how to use Clickbank and how to choose a product to promote. I love using CB to promote products.

    I personally think it’s one of the easiest affiliate networks to start with. Finding the right product can be confusing, especially for anyone who is new to affiliate marketing. However, you laid everything out as easy as possible.

    I know that anyone who is just getting started will learn a lot from your tips. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Thanks Susan.
      In order to be a successful online marketer I think there is some sort of obligation to simplify stuff. That is what I am trying to do on this small tutorial.
      And like you said it, Clickbank is the easiest network to get started.

      Well, I really appreciate your words and I am glad you found my blog.
      Once again, thanks and I wish you all the best!
      Take care!

  11. says

    Thank you for your useful share above about the features and outlook of click bank and how we can make use of click bank in the future. I totally agree that there are many poor quality products on Clickbank. However, if we are serious about making money with CB, we can still get the opportunity by applying some useful tricks as what you mentioned in this writing. Thanks again.

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Thanks for stopping by Tony.
      I tried to lay down my perspectives about making money online here and clickbank is certainly the best place for newcomers to get started.
      Well, I hope you got value from the article.
      Take care

  12. jessica says

    i need help !!!!!!!!!!! Im desprate I need to make somemoney i have 6 kids and now no job! I have no money to make a web site a blog or a domain name im alll lost on how this works im so lost i need help and someone to get me going or even make me a blog i can even pay u after i make money just someone help me get going and set up i dnt get this at all!!!!!!

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Sorry to tell you but it takes some time to see results with internet marketing. This is not going to happen overnight. You can read my post about ways to make money online to see more alternatives.

      But in case you really need money right now and you have no money to spend the only alternative left is to look for another job. I am not about creating false expectations here and if you are really desperate… sorry but maybe this business is not for you.

  13. gurdeep singh says

    hi!!……….. Felipe Kurpiel…
    few days ago i joined clickbank…. but i don’t know where to promote hoplink…. i’m too disappointed… please suggest a platform where i can promote everything….. help me to make money………

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Ok… I am glad you find my blog!
      Well, picking a product is a critical step to make money with Clickbank however without promotion you will not get anywhere.
      I have some great news because I am working on my own training system which will explain all the process to any person interested on this sort of business. And speaking of business, the game is the same, you start investing some money to make more money!

      That is the reason why I am recommending some great courses for now but soon enough, my own training will be available.
      But in case you want to get a great course today, follow my recommendations!

      Ok… I am glad you find my blog! Well, picking a product is a critical step to make money with Clickbank however without promotion you will not get anywhere.
      I have some great news because I am working on my own training to explain all the process for any person interested on this sort of business.

  14. says

    understanding any system is first and foremost and the same apply to clickbank, if you are not able to understand the system and type of traffic you are getting on your site then i am sure you are not going to make even a single penny out of your all efforts at any affiliate system. Am i right ?

  15. says

    Agree with you Kurpiel…the first thing that you should do before promoting a clickbank product is to choose a good-conversion product. Otherwise,you will waste your time and money.

    Apart from that,I can say that you should FOCUS. If you are promoting a product,you do it until you earn your first buck from it.Don’t easily change give up and change to another product.

    What you focus will eventually expand! Trust me..!

    • Felipe Kurpiel says

      Great point John!
      You have to keep your focus on ONE product and see what you could be doing to get that first sale and then move on to enhance the process and make more sales.