How to Make Money with Clickbank Step by Step

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If you want to know how to make money with Clickbank, read carefully this whole article because it describes everything you should know about picking the right product to promote and ultimately, starting making money as an affiliate.

The key point on helping you to earn extra cash using Clickbank is to choose good products.

This is what determines the success of your campaign.

This article will cover all you need to know about picking a high quality product.
It will guide you throughout how you can make real money with clickbank and some other ways to start promoting your offer which leads to… simply put, extra income.

How to Make Money with ClickBank – Step by Step

The first step is create your CB account.
If you don’t have an account you have to join clickbank: here you can create your account as an affiliate!

joining clickbank image
Then you have to go to the Marketplace tab at the top of the page and click there.

When you hit marketplace you can start to browse by category.

At this stage I suggest you choose a category of your interest or something you want to learn more about.

When it comes to learning how to make money with clickbank, choosing a niche you are familiarized with turns the process a lot easier.

Now, before browsing for products in a specific category there is something you must know.

  • Clickbank is the major retailer of digital products in the world and they do their best to get rid of low quality products, nevertheless there is a lot of useless products. So, you have to make sure to pick products that are worth promoting.

How can you do this?

The answer…

You should always consider using a step by step system so you will know the foundations to get started and after that you can spend some time to understand some of the data provided by Clickbank.

But still, let me give you an extra help!

  • The first data you must look at carefully is gravity!

Gravity is kind of an obscure factor but it gives you an idea about how many people/affiliates are making money online by selling that product.

clickbank stats gravity

The data is compiled based on the last 8 weeks and each affiliate that makes sales during this period can add the maximum of 1 point and the minimum of 0.1 to the gravity of a product.

So, by using a roughly approximation we can assume that if the gravity of a product is 40, it can indicate that there are about 80 affiliates making money from that product.

If you want to know how to make fast money with clickbank, don’t choose products which the gravity is very high.

I would suggest anything from 6 up to 50. Why?
Because the competition is a little lower, but there are still plenty of people making money by selling that product.

With the data provided on their marketplace, that is all you can do!

how to make money with clickbank getting started

The Best Way to Find Products and Start Making Money with Clickbank

To refine your search, you have to visit the affiliate section on the merchant’s page to try to extract more data!

Where can you find this section?

Some of the merchants add their affiliate page into Clickbank marketplace but others don’t, for those, you have to go to their main site, scroll down at the bottom of the page and look for affiliates or jv (joint ventures).

When you click these links, you will have access to all the tools provided by the merchant.

But for now, forget about the tools and just look for EPC and Refund Rate on the affiliates page.

The ideal product has a high EPC and a low Refund Rate.

clickbank epc image

EPC stands for earnings per click.
If you want to really understand how to make money with clickbank you have to learn to analyze EPC.

Why?? Imagine this scenario.

You built your website, are driving traffic to it, people are clicking through your affiliate link but no one is buying! It’s terrible. EPC is that important!


A good merchant will show the EPC flat out! It is an average but it gives you a great sense of how well that product converts.

But that is not all, you also want a low refund rate, because if a visitor bought a product using your link and then ask for a refund, this not only affects the merchant but you also would lose the commission.

If the product is good, the refund rate MUST be lower than 15%.

If you want to master the process on making money online using Clickbank, choosing a high quality product is step number one!

The second step is about promoting your affiliate link and there are some great products to teach you just how to do that. Besides, you can promote your offer even if you don’t have a website.

If you want to know how to make money with clickbank without a website, just check out this quick start guide explaining some alternatives to promote your affiliate link.

Actually, if you are really into Social Media you can just put your affiliate link and send a message via Twitter or promote your offer on Facebook if you like.

To know more about how to use Facebook to maximize your earnings on Clickbank, you have to take a look at Info Cash – I tried and it’s a great product!

fb influence banner

Building a website is highly recommended for the ones willing to enter into this business for real.

Driving traffic can be a little complicated but you can learn how to get extra traffic and achieve good results.

I took special attention on picking the right product because when it comes to how to make money with clickbank it makes all the difference.

And now I have a surprise for you!!

My First Paycheck from Clickbank!

This is really personal but I want to share this with you!

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paycheck from clickbank

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It’s not a fortune, but my point is: there is real money to be made here! And you can see… I did it, so you can do it too!

This article explained the basics about how to make money with Clickbank but being completely honest, a professional training is a MUST, otherwise you will waste valuable time with learning!

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If you have more questions about how to make money with Clickbank please leave a comment below!