Choosing a Digital Product to Promote

After learning the foundations of selling using your site, it’s time to learn how to select high quality products to promote to your audience. In the last lesson I talked about some foundations about selling online and the only reason why I did that was because I want you to follow the right sequence. A lot of people end up reading an online tutorial that teaches them how to make money with clickbank but after reading the instructions they don’t take action and that is the major problem in early stages. I set this training lesson using a step by step approach because I want you to succeed.

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Be sure to check Affiloblueprint - it's an amazing training course! And the reason for getting started is simple... once you achieve success after finishing the training you will feel comfortable to aim bigger goals and also share with friends the experience you got by following the tactics you learned from the material.

I am telling you to take action from the beginning before thinking about your website per se because when we start to talk about promoting the offer, you will see all these tactics taking place.

And speaking of which, now it’s time to master how to promote an offer and on this lesson we will finally dive into Clickbank to see how to get the most from our efforts when it comes to Clickbank products. But why is Clickbank so important when we are getting started?


Selling Digital Products - Why Clickbank?

I like to do some comparisons with similar sites before deciding which one I will use in my strategy and for that purpose, there is a particular website I always go to in order to check if this is good or bad tactic, I am talking about

In reality, this is not the main goal of Alexa; its main purpose is to measure popularity of websites. I will talk more about Alexa but this is enough for now.

I mentioned this because Clickbank has an Alexa of 314 in order words at the time I wrote this course they were the 314th most popular website in the whole world. I think you have an idea about how big that is.

But that is not all... because what makes Clickbank even more interesting and valuable when it comes to starting a business online it’s the data provided by them to help you find out good offers to promote.

It’s obvious, when it comes to promoting digital offers we know we will receive higher commission but that is just one factor and not the most important. Not even close.

Now let’s start to take a look at this more closely.

Training Information

Difficulty: Advanced
Lesson Length: 2499 words

In this lesson you will learn how to select high quality digital products (using Clickbank) to be promoted on your website.

When you join Affiloblueprint, you will get virtually every little thing you need to build your very own online company from scratch.

Besides, the training is not one of those extremely challenging systems that include too much work which is a great advantage by the way!


How to Select A Good Clickbank Product To Promote On Your Website

In this part I put together everything you need to know about how to make money with Clickbank and I wrote carefully this tutorial because picking the right product to promote can be maybe the easiest way for a newcomer to start making money with affiliate marketing.

This is critical when it comes to building a profitable website. If you don’t know how to choose good products you will face a lot of struggles on this journey.

This is what determines the success of your campaign and guess what… you have to sell what is already being sold!

It’s a lot easier to make money that way. Remember that!

After getting a better understanding about how to pick a high quality product to be sold on our site, we can start to think about achieving our goal in terms of extra income. You can do the math as we did at the beginning of this course but that is not required though.

And with that said, let’s get started!

Making Money with ClickBank – Step by Step

The first thing you have to do is to create an account. If you don’t have an account you have to join Clickbank: Here you can create your account as an affiliate!

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We need to do this because it is the only way to get access to their marketplace.  In a couple of years ago you could access their system without being a member but I think they made this change to protect their network. Since then you need a Clickbank account and in order to get one you will have to fill a sort of long form because you will have to provide some payment details but it’s totally free.

After that you will have access to their marketplace. Just log in and go to the Marketplace tab at the very top of the page and click there.


When you hit marketplace you can start to browse by category.

At this stage I suggest you choose a category of your interest or something you want to get good at. When it comes to succeeding with online marketing choosing a niche that you are familiarized with turns the process even easier and almost painless.

Now, before browsing for products in a specific category there is something you must know right off the bet.

Clickbank is the major retailer of digital products in the world and they do their best to get rid of low quality products, nevertheless there are a lot of useless products. So, it’s important to know how to pick what is worth it promoting.

How can you do this?

The answer:

submit button

By understanding and filtering some of the data provided by

The first data you must pay attention to is gravity!

Gravity is kind of an obscure measurement but it gives you an idea about how many people/affiliates are making money online by selling that digital product.

The data is compiled based on the previously 8 weeks and each affiliate that makes sales on this period can add the maximum of 1 point and the minimum of 0.1 to the gravity of a product.

clickbank stats gravity

So, by using a roughly approximation we can assume that if the gravity of a product is 40, it can indicate that there are about 80 affiliates making money with that product. A lot of experts agree with this extrapolation in math because we don’t need to know the exact number.

I am telling you this now because in order to make fast money with Clickbank it’s not a good idea to choose products which a gravity above 100. This means a lot of competition.

But don’t get me wrong, competition is a good thing but you have to be aware of this: at this point we don’t even have a website so it is going to be hard to beat some veterans in affiliate marketing that will be promoting those products just for the sake of increasing their revenue. And we don’t have any affiliate revenue yet, so let’s set the things straight.

For anyone getting started with online marketing in general, I suggest to choose a product with a gravity range from 6 up to 50.


Because there is competition but there is not a big fight!

There are people making money by selling that product and some of them you can beat. Another thing to have in mind is this: you should start considering this model as a business one-to-one in other words, if you want to make more money you will have to beat your competitors. This part is exactly the same as a real business.

Okay, there is enough about competition, now let’s go back to analyzing more data.

Gravity certainly is the most important data provided on marketplace. There are other filters you can use to try to select more profitable offers but I would leave that alone for now!

Nevertheless, you can get more data directly from the merchant or vendor therefore, let’s dive into it.

Understanding Extra Data Provided by Vendors

In order to take a good final decision about whether or not it can be worthwhile promoting a particular offer we have to refine our analysis!

To do that you have to visit the affiliate section on the merchant’s page to try to acquire more data!

Where can you find this section?

Some of the merchants add their affiliate page directly into Clickbank marketplace but others don’t, for those you have to go to their main site, scroll down at the bottom of the page and look for Affiliates or JV (joint ventures).

When you click these links you will probably have to create an account with this particular vendor and after that, they will grant you access to all the tools provided for the merchant to be used by their affiliates.

That is all good but we are not here for the tools!

Forget about the tools, banners and whatever the merchant is offering now, at this point we are looking for things such as EPC and Refund Rate. That is all!

The ideal product has a high EPC and a low Refund Rate.

Here some brief explanation about these terms:

  • EPC stands for earnings per click.

This is so critical because this is a great way to measure how much money you could make by promoting that offer. You have to analyze EPC.

If you don’t know why, just imagine this scenario:

You built your website, people are going to it, people are even clicking through your affiliate link but no one is buying your offer!

This is terrible and there is what EPC can help you to avoid!

A good merchant will show their EPC flat out!

It is an average but it gives you a great sense of how well that product could convert.

clickbank epc image

And that is the first element we need to analyze when looking at the vendor’s page.

The next factor is refund rate and it’s extremely important to promote product with a low refund rate!

Get this, if a visitor bought a product via your link and then ask for a refund, this not only affects the merchant but unfortunately you also lose commissions.

If the vendor is not telling you about their refund rate this is not a good sigh.

Just to give you a heads up, for a good and popular product, the refund rate MUST be lower than 15%. Keep that in mind once you are choosing products.

When it comes to making money with Clickbank, choosing a high quality product is the first step.

  • Look at gravity, EPC and refund rates and you are done!

The following step is to generate your affiliate link.

There are two ways to do that.

Most vendors listed on Clickbank marketplace will give you the option of generating you affiliate link directly from the Clickbank site. After choosing a product, the only think you have to do is to click PROMOTE and voila, you have an affiliate link.

In case the vendor didn’t give you this option you have to visit their main page, look for JV or Affiliates at the end of the page and then, under affiliate tools you will have access to your affiliate link. That is all!

By automatically creating this link, it will not be properly formatted.

I mean it’s a long combination of numbers and letters which is not attractive in a visitor’s perspective so in order to make it looks more beautiful or more clickable if you which, we will have to cloak this link.

This is really simple to do and we will use a plugin on WordPress to solve this issue.

Promoting an Affiliate Link

Once you have your affiliate link and in case you are active on Social Media, you can just add that link into a message and send it via Twitter or even promote your offer on Facebook but neither of these are long-term strategies.

I understand that at this point, some of you don’t even have a website yet but being honest with all of you, for the ones willing to enter into this business for good, building a website is highly recommended. This is a MUST!

Driving traffic to your website can be a little complicated or even trickier but during this training course I will cover several strategies to help you get extra traffic and achieve good results with those strategies.

On this tutorial I took special attention on picking the right product because when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing this makes all the difference.

And now I want to give you a boost in confidence!

My First Paycheck from Clickbank!

This is really personal but I want to share this unique event with you!

This represents the first time I get paid by Clickbank! Yeah, this is my first paycheck!

paycheck from clickbank

It was a great day for me and as you can see, this is not that old, it’s from 7/2/2012.

There is my name on it and if it’s difficult to read …the value is exactly $ 652.99!

It’s not a fortune, but my point is: there is real money to be made here! And you can see… I did it and I am showing you how you can do it too!

This tutorial explained in details one of the most important aspects related to making money with Clickbank which is about selecting a good product, but being completely honest, on the previous lesson I did share some of the events that would happen before your first sale so you will know what to expect.

I told you this before, there is a learning curve in this process, but once you overcome it, there would be only one way to go which is up and high towards your goals.

I am sharing the paycheck instead of the traditional picture of pipes of an anonymous Clickbank account because this is more realistic in terms of money in your pocket.

You have to fulfill certain criteria to have your first check mailed to your address.

I don’t remember all the conditions but two of them that are at the top of my head have to do with payment.

You have to have several orders and some of those payments were made using at least 3 different methods as an example, Visa, MasterCard and Paypal. This is one condition.

The other I remember is about the identity of your customers.

You have to have sold products to at least 3 different people. This is how Clickbank can prevent fraud on their network. And that is why I think the paycheck itself shows more credibility than just one picture of pipes that could be easily copied elsewhere on the internet.

I hope you get some extra encouragement after analyzing the paycheck and do whatever it takes to get the results you are looking for.

Action Steps

  • Create a Clickbank account and once inside their marketplace, pick a category
  • Use the gravity range I mentioned during the lesson to select a good product
  • Go to the merchant page and try to extract extra data such as EPC and refund rate
  • Learn how to generate you affiliate link

Dead Line: Take one day to pick a product that matches the criteria mentioned in this lesson.

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