Becoming a Pro Blogger or at least a Better Marketer

Maybe you are not a pro blogger today, but do you know what could be holding you back?

I am pretty sure you heard of this before… maybe one of your friends, family or even you said something similar to that…. Oh, I want to be an artist. I want to be a musician… or I want to be millionaire internet marketer.

And that is all fine, but how we can change that scenario and be a master at what we are trying to do with our lives.

pro blogger

This is more an inspirational blog post than most of the articles on my site teaching link building, seo and blogging, but and if you are new here, please visit don’t forget to check my most popular post and least the top two because if you haven’t read yet, I am sure you will learn something.

But going back to being a pro blogger or a TOP internet marketing, there are some key points we have to consider although I would choose just one point I would pick the mindset.

I talked about the importance of mindset when covering how to start an online business because this really makes a big difference to be successful. But here today I want to explore a slightly different and that would be what amateurs and masters or professional if you wish.

I am talking about being a pro blogger or a successful entrepreneur however to make my point easier to understand we can use professional athletes for instance.

professional athletes

They have to watch their weight so eating healthy is kind of an obligation, they cannot spend some many night abusing parties because they need a good night of sleep to get energy for the next day and in their mind, things like that became second nature.

Now when it comes to internet marketing there are similar things going on and some of them could distinguish the next guru from 99% of people trying to make money online.

And like I said … it all starts with a strong mindset and also with what you do on your spare time. Actually this is a great lesson I learned from Mark Ling. I don’t know the exact words he used but was something like rich people spend their time enjoying their friends, improving themselves through sports or creating assets that leads them to make more money on the other hand poor people spend their time watching television and consuming which can be food or shopping.

I told you, it’s all about mindset.



It’s not that hard to change. It’s not easy at the beginning but there are so many benefits of having a more inspiring mind that you have to try.

Commitment is another essential element to make all your dreams possible.

And my views on that are about taking action towards your goal, no matter how big and challenging they are.

And when you don’t have enough models to follow pick one of two good examples out there.

Maybe you don’t know any good role model but the internet is full of good stories of success to make us to get inspired.

If you want my role model just go the author section of my site and read the two stories.

You will find how Frank Kern – the president of the internet got started and also how Mark Ling became one of the top affiliate marketers in the whole world.

They were my inspiration.

You can become a pro blogger, a millionaire but you have start somewhere.

Maybe this can be the starting point for you too!

Well, this is it for today. I hope you liked this story and stay tuned for the next.

Thanks everybody.

Take care.