Starting an Internet Business – How to Get Started!

If you are thinking about starting an internet business you should know that it is something easy to be done, but there are some caveats.

It starts with a simple idea combined with website or blog to spread this idea to the world. One of the biggest benefits of an online business is the small finance barrier to get started. But, despite the fact of the easy startup, the same cannot be said about making money using this business model.

It is difficult to make money because there are a lot of people trying out to do it so. And the only way to succeed is by distinguishing yourself from the crowd and being disciplined!

When starting an internet business from home is vital to develop a strong mindset this will keep you moving forward even when you are not seeing results.

With that said, we can start to analyze what you should do in order to succeed online.

Starting an Internet Business – Checklist:

Starting Small

Create a personal blog using free platforms such as WordPress or Tumblr. I highly recommend you to use WordPress as your blogging platform though.

If you don’t want to spend any money at this stage, you don’t need to, you can start to use WordPress for free, creating your blog posts, familiarize yourself with the tool and then move on to the next step: getting traffic to your blog! Here is where most of newbies fail. To get website traffic is really hard when you are just starting.

When it comes to starting an internet business from scratch one of the key points that make  digital marketing handwrittenyou succeed or fail is to understand and master internet marketing.

It is really easy to get lost, because once you are searching for alternatives to promote your website, you end up finding dozens of ways to get your message out there, on the other hand, you end up losing focus or feeling overwhelmed with tons of information.

What should you do to avoid this?

Developing a Plan

You have to have a plan.

This is so important when you are starting an internet business! I heard an expert saying that you should spend more time planning and less time executing. So, before taking action, have a strategy, a checklist!

Most people don’t realize how much forethought is required to create a complete marketing plan. And you cannot do everything! There are a lot of strategies to get traffic to your website, such as PPC, content marketing, SEO, press releases, Social Media and so on, but in order to succeed online you have to focus on few areas and get good at those areas.

checklist for starting an internet businessOnce you have a plan of action, you can then analyze the effectiveness of the strategies chosen and how to enhance that plan for optimal results. By doing this you will clearly notice what worked and what didn’t work.


Spend more time planning so you will spend a lot less time doing it!

But don’t go crazy with planning; a 3 weeks period is enough for you to have a solid strategy to be implemented. Don’t spend more than 3 weeks, though; the plan is important but taking action is even more.

When it comes to starting an internet business a checklist can help you a whole lot! By doing this you can avoid the worse question ever: What should I do next?

Market Research

Another problem faced by newbies is choosing the right products to promote. And this is extra important if you are starting an eBay business however for any sort of online business choosing a good product is vitally important.

This can affect your credibility and if you choose a scam product, this cannot make you any good, at least not in the long term.

You have to do your research in blogs, forums and find a really awesome product to be promoted! This is vital when you are starting an internet business and if you are dealing with affiliate marketing which is what I recommend by the way, this is not different

The research for products and keywords are some of the basics of affiliate marketing.

Measuring Your Results

The final step is about measuring the marketing methods you are using.

In internet marketing everything is about conversions. The visitor must buy the product you are promoting after have landed on you page. You need to track the visitor’s behavior; that is the only way to improve your conversions and increase your profits.

Fortunately, there are a lot of good online marketing tools to take care of these measurements and most of them are free, such as Google Analytics.

Well, when it comes to starting an internet business, remember: everything starts with a good plan. I cannot emphasize this enough!

Having a strong mindset, knowing your audience, worrying about adding value, trying to solve problems, those are all core principles that can lead you towards success online and making real money from your business.

That is it for today! And if you want extra tips on starting an internet business don’t forget to grab the ebook I am giving away for free!

Thanks guys!

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