Easy Video Player – Taking Video Marketing to the Next Level!

Before we get into Easy Video Player Suite software itself I just want to do a brief overview explaining why you should use video marketing in your strategy of brand awareness and website promotion in general.

Why Use Video Marketing?

There are tons of reasons to use videos, but for the sake of being brief I will pinpoint the four biggest advantages of using them:

  • When you are using videos it is much easier to achieve massive exposure, especially when the campaign is well structured and the video goes viral which are the foundations of how to make money on Youtube.
  • Videos are more personal, hence they have the power of building authority with more ease.
  • When you use videos it’s easier for people remember you or your brand.

These are the top 4 reasons for using video marketing, but if recording videos is something outside of your comfort-zone, you should start practicing as soon as possible.

easy video player

When you do the same thing over and over again, you will get better. It is that simple!

Introducing Easy Video Player

With that being said, we can get into the software!

Easy Video Suite can definitely take your video marketing to the next level; by using the software you can turn your videos a lot more powerful in terms of conversions.

There are a bunch of different elements you can add when editing videos and this feature alone is capable of boosting the number of leads you collect and for consequence, your sales!

Video Marketing for Professional Marketers!

If you are familiarized with video marketing, I would guess you are using Camtasia to record your videos, am I right?

Well, Easy Video Player has a lot of additional features that Camtasia cannot compete with.

A lot of professional marketers are using this tool, and I am referring to big names: Ryan Deiss, Chris Farrell and Mike Filsaime are some of them.

They are taking advantage of this new way of producing videos.

What are Easy Video Player Suite features?

First, if you choose for uploading your videos directly into YouTube the software can do the upload automatically. But the cool part is this:

    • You can add elements like an opt-in button, an option to buy your products, sharing buttons and everything you can think of that would be effective to improve your conversions.

The tool is so complete that you can even do split-tests with your videos and by the way, those tests are essentials to boost conversions.

The software is developed to help people interested in making money on YouTube or building huge email-lists.

I said you can upload your videos to YouTube if you think it’s convenient but you don’t want to use ONLY YouTube.

Exclusivity – The Secret Power!

If I learned something during the years working online is that you must diversify your strategies.


You should NOT put all your videos on YouTube, because your visitors also enjoy that feeling of exclusivity. You have to give to them!

This lesson about exclusivity and scarcity I learned from Frank Kern who is the highest paid internet marketing consultant in the world! And to give your visitors this feeling, what Easy Video Player Suite does is to provide you another option for hosting.

The tool allows you to easily upload your videos and host them on Amazon S3 which is the best and cheapest solution for hosting private videos.

This tool is so amazing that I found a lot of users sharing the same opinion:

“Easy Video Player is a MUST when it comes to video marketing.”

It is a tool designed by professional marketers to be used for professional marketers.

You will gain interactivity by adding the buttons on your videos and you need interaction!

Today, it is all about engagement!

We have to be able to engage people!

Online Marketing has changed.

Now more than ever, we need to be more personal, be real!

If you get this right, now all you need is exposure, and by using the right tools you can gain that exposure faster than ever before.

Use video marketing to boost your web promotion; add this strategy to your marketing campaign!

I am really confident you will like this product because when it comes to video marketing creation Easy Video Player Suite is the best tool available today.

Thanks guys! Click the banner below to learn more about the product!

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