How to Build Backlinks Using Magic Submitter

In this lesson you are going to learn how to use this powerful SEO software to build the backlinks you need to rank higher on search engines.

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Magic Submitter is the most popular all in one SEO software available right now, but here is a question: after all these Google updates should you bother to use software to build your backlinks?

This is a trick question and being really honest with you, I must say that this depends.

Depends on what?
Depends on how well you have prepared your off page optimization strategy.

MS is powerful, but I am not going to lie to you; if you don’t know what you are doing in terms of link building strategies, this can ruin your efforts; reason why I will give you my thoughts on that later on.

With that being said we can start to discuss the software!

Magic Submitter Review - What It Can Do For You!

This all in one SEO tool can be really handy to speed up the link building process.

Besides, instead of outsourcing your link building campaigns for third parties you can use MS or Senuke (which is more expensive) to manage the progress of your Off-Page SEO campaign.

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This is especially important when you want to rank for highly competitive keywords, because when the keyword is really difficult to rank, in some stage you will need a process of massive submission pointing to your buffer links.

I know, it doesn’t sound totally white hat, but I just decided to review a link building tool here after reading a great discussion about backlinks in a blog of one of the Social Media Examiner's contributors.

Is This Tactic Whitehat or Blackhat?

This is a really controversial topic, but the discussion was awesome; and at one moment some guy pointed out that building massive links can be considered a black hat or grey hat technique because in some way you are manufacturing your rankings.

At that point I totally agreed!

But here is the point that changed my mind.

Network ConceptIf Google trusts in some criteria as basic as links to rank better a website; this is no one’s fault.

And listen, it goes beyond because there are penalties for using duplicate content, therefore when using massive submissions you have to spin your content really well, so it reads perfectly and you avoid being penalized.

Am I talking about article spinning? Yes.

Understanding Article Submissions

Think about it... When a press release is submitted it is the exact same content going viral on the internet and you get all the benefits, but Google doesn’t penalize press releases, do they? No!

Article spinning is similar!

You are spreading your content through the web without being penalized by Google’s algorithm. And that is when this Magic Article Submitter comes handy by submitting your spun content to tons of different sites.


How to Avoid Being Penalized by Google when using MS

Ok, I told you at the beginning I would give you my personal tip about how you can use this very best article submitter without being affected by penalties.

Listen, here is my tip: one of the best ways to do this effectively is by building backlinks to your main backlinks.

This concept is also known as buffer and it is still effective even after all Google updates.

Basically, you are using a bigger website (domain) to receive all those massive links and what it's important to know is that they can handle those backlinks without being flagged by search engines.

If you do all these submissions pointing to your main site you are doomed!

Don’t do that! That is what you need to know!

The software is great and if you are willing to rank for really competitive keywords MS can definitely turn the process of building backlinks a lot easier and almost painless.

Ok… now let’s see what the tool is offering!

This video below is part of the Traffic Wizard Training and it shows how the software works and some of its functionalities.

The video will show you a lot of benefits of MS but let me give you a heads up!

For starters, Magic Submitter can create hundreds of accounts for you and automatically verify the accounts; the software is integrated with different platforms to help you spin your content so it will look original every time it is published, besides with Magic Submitter you can submit the content you created to over 2000 sites.

In addition, one of the greatest things about MS in my opinion is the schedule function, because once you set up a campaign you can make it run for weeks. This is important when you want to make sure you are running a steadily link building campaign thus it will look even more natural for search engines.

There are training available and if you have any doubts you can access Magic Submitter forum but before you start using the software it's worthwhile to read the tutorial to understand better its functionalities.

That is it. You can start using the trial version of MS for a huge discount.

You will pay less than 5 dollars. Yeah! Of course, this is a trial version but is worth considering.

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Ok guys, building backlinks can be a boring task but this software can really make the process a lot easier.

Well, that is it for today and don't forget to click the banner to visit their site and see all the benefits

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